Building Update

2020 Building Update

In January 2018, our building was flooded. Due to a combination of extreme low temperatures and a malfunction of our steam system, pipes froze and then caused extreme water damage on all floors of our building. We were forced to close our doors as we access damage and work alongside the insurance company to make repairs. We are happy to report that repairs are steadily happening and every day of the week there is new progress. Even though the damage has caused temporary closures to our building, it has also allowed us to make a lot of much needed repairs that would not have been made otherwise. Our entire building, top to bottom, will have new paint, ceiling tiles, carpeting, and even our main gym floors will be completely replaced. We have been able to get brand new energy saving lights in the gym. Our skate park is now open after two very long years of prayer, construction and hard work! It is redesigned and completely rebuilt with the new materials and a fresh new look. On December 31st, 2019 exactly two years after our flood we opened our doors again! Our New Year's Eve session was amazing. We posted on social media about two hours before we opened the doors and the skaters came. Around 50 skaters showed up all with big smiles on their faces. It was a fun night remembering the old park and dreaming of the future. Thanks for your continued support and prayers.


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