Our History

Anchored to the rock. Geared to the times.

In 1944 Billy Graham and Torrey Johnson held a Youth for Christ rally in Chicago. The ministry of YFC spread like wildfire across the US. As YFC was forming into an international organization, Head of the Lakes YFC was one of the founding chapters. The founding motto of YFC is as true to today as it was when it was coined "Anchored to the Rock and geared to the times." YFC has never veered from its commitment to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to lost and hurting young people.

We are focused on reaching the “Every”. Asking “how can YFC reach EVERY young person in EVERY school, in EVERY people group in the Duluth area.

One of the ways that we reach out to every teen is through the Encounter Youth Center. In 2001 a group of local youth pastors came together and dreamed of a way to reach the skateboarding community, athletes, gamers, and loners all under the same roof.   Head of the Lakes Youth for Christ purchased the Shrine Auditorium in June of 2002 and began renovations. The Encounter opened in November of 2002 and began to minister to youth in our area thru this unique ministry.  Since 2002 we have seen over 140,000 total visits from teenagers in our community.